x NAMASTE x...and the relief of being practically imperfect in every way!...

I have pinched this from a friend who knows I am pinching it! Energies in our household orbit around the school terms, but even if you aren't tied to this system, it seems we all go through phases of too much energy expulsion, and the need to rebalance, pause, check if we have lost our way a little. I tend towards being very 'squiggly around the edges' human, and have to work very hard to be less fragmented. Yoga & meditation practises do help me reconnect to reality, even in the smallest of ways,and through the simplest of practises.

I have felt so aware of the interconnectedness of our local community recently; catching up with several old friends and colleagues. Yet old anxieties about whether I have behaved unskillfully in the past (or to phrase in reactive mode 'been a scatty knob'!), can trigger the thought that I should disappear in shameful despair of myself.

There is a lot more I could say about being a messy human... rather than giving up, I use movement practises, meditation & reading well as part of a toolkit to check myself, to learn from past struggles, and move on. Taking action to redirect patterns of thought is so beneficial - embodying the patterns that are healing for the mind and soul. I love the simple expression of how vinyasa yoga helps with this from Maty Ezraty;"there is something very good about movement and the breath and the gaze."

Increasingly yoga practises (and the lovely people I meet through it) remind me to redirect awareness back towards greater self-compassion, contentment, and personal confidence to be visible in community, in my own unique way, through a beautiful tangled thread of life, which I see woven uniquely through all of you :)

Love Emily x

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