Thank you both SO much for Tuesday evening. I absolutely loved the experience. 
You seamlessly managed to alternate between yourselves with the teaching. It was perfect with the candles, gradually getting darker creating a gorgeous ambience. I liked the bit about "feelings" not being either good or bad etc. It felt like a different kind of "challenging" really good. The adjusting was as always sensitively done and so helpful/positive. The massage during relaxation, lovely (thank you Amelia) and what can I say about the cello, just  a m a z i n g , thank you Emily. We are very lucky to have you gorgeous girls.


“I am so grateful to you and Emily. You are both special.   Mom was very glad to share the workshop and she loved the music.  Emily is amazing and that was a very special workshop. I'd do it again in a heartbeat"


I very much enjoy Emily's classes! She is great at sensing how best to lead the class so everybody gets the most out of it. It leaves me energised, refreshed and relaxed! :) I just wish I could do it more often. What a brilliant teacher! Thank you xx


Last session it was amazing, thank you, what a treat, the yoga, the candles and your music, it was wonderful. 


As a reluctant Yogi, you manage to instil confidence and a genuine sense of enjoyment. Looking forward to next session 😀


Thank you all for a wonderful retreat day yesterday. It was lovely to see you again and I really felt nourished (mentally and physically!) and energised by the whole experience. I particularly liked learning about the muscle groups and that will help to focus attention in future workouts. Delicious food too!