The importance of being rested...

Updated: Feb 18

It's very obvious to say, but helpful to remember the importance of rest in so many life giving processes.....baking bread, gardening, farming, seasoning wood, education...I know you get what I mean!

Sometimes, of course, we have to keep ourselves going, and this correlates with the idea of 'right effort' - commitment to turning up for yourself, for other people and doing the best you honestly can.

Those of you that have been in classes recently may have heard me share the mantra 'Om Jyotir Aham' as a reminder that even when we feel depleted by life circumstances, there is a way to find the ongoing light & energy at the heart centre. Pantajali's Yoga Sutra Book One teaches how to cultivate awareness or choose a focus for meditation. 1.36 says " concentrating on the supreme blissful light within" sanskrit 'visoka va jyotismati' (wish I could get a proper sanskrit font to work on mailchimp!) This is absolutely akin to then using Om Jyotir Aham as a mantra as part of yoga & meditation practise.

You can find a musical setting of this here:

You can also use mala beads as you recite or silent internal sounding is said to be even more powerful....perfect for walking meditation as you get your chores done, or walk to work :)

How are your new moon soul seedlings doing by the way? Let me know if you would like to x The next new moon class is Weds 2nd March - I am sorry for those of you who can't make wednesdays! I will record these though if you would like to practise the next day xx Booking info below....

For me personally, my new moon seeds have been to truly honour my own uniqueness and allow myself to be inspired by the beautiful lights of others without thinking my own is less valuable. To surround myself with people who similarly seek to elevate from a place of love, to choose situations that will inspire my highest good and serve my highest good. Through my yoga & meditation practises, I have been reflecting further on what being GOOD means, isn't about being obedient, compliant or punitive - it means living abundantly, lovingly and as respectful stewards of our planet.

...And, to keep balancing my energy - keeping myself physically well and sufficiently rested so that I can continue to share light from a place of love.

Phew, that's a lot! If you are still reading, I hope these are useful reflections x


x Emily x

Beautiful sky of Pewley Downs - you can see the waxing crescent moon and this early eve walk with my husband is watering the seed to live abundantly :)

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