Toiling the soil

Over the run up to this February new moon, I have been feeling increasingly restless, anxious and uncertain about myself within all the roles I ‘play’ in life….this new moon also coincides with IMBOLC, the half way point between winter and spring...time to cultivate new beginnings and release stagnant or negative energy as we move out of hibernation.

This last week or so, I have taken various self – prescribed yoga medicines to dig into the deeper reality of myself, a truer sense of what is important to me, and what will really serve those around me from a place of love:

**Coming back to using the mantra ‘Om jyotir aham’ – I am light of pure consciousness - when I get caught up in fear, anxiety or self-despair. It offers a way of remembering that I am connected to a greater whole, and to remember all the loving experiences I have around me, that there is so much abundance in life, and that I am not a barren island! Recognising where I need to seek support, ask for help and where I can return to deeper learning within, instead of looking for a magic external fixer.

**This morning, my movement practise was a kundalini based class (with @caleyalyssa - thank you!)….just what I needed to shake off stagnant negative energy and cleanse the internal soil to sow my new moon seeds!

**Getting outside to walk and remember the human connection to the earth is another vital tonic for me – even if sometimes it’s just an 8pm pace around the local roads in the dark for 20 mins! To feel the air, rain, breeze on my skin, the mutual resistance of foot to ground…

**Taking time to sit with difficult, heavy or dark thoughts and feelings is uncomfortable, but necessary. Maintaining windows of space in a day can feel boring, or useless but enables me to observe patterns of thought. Then, I practise filtering out the useful thoughts, meditating on those and finding my back into a place of light. I keep realising that this ‘practical meditation’ is a great way to focus on what’s already on the plate and cultivate clarity of what to get on with next. This can often then lead me back into a greater sense of self-belief, creative freedom and inspiration to keep going.

What helps you dig into the soil, clear it of the junk and remember your real clear self? I’d love to hear your thoughts x

Photography: kanashi-M0LOkFQ9PAw-unsplash.jpg

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