All of these online practises are offered freely with the aim of offering support to our incredible NHS and all those working hard to keep us well during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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All proceeds will go to the SAMSON CENTRE for MS in Guildford

Music Meditations
Long time sunEmily Young
00:00 / 04:38

Many thanks to Joe Connor at Sounds Like These for mixing this new track xxx

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Restorative Yoga Practise
Yoga at Home

You can do this practise in bed in your PJs!

This short sequence of asana (postures) will relieve stress, release tension and aid winding down to sleep.

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Guided Meditations
Body scan meditationKatherine Jantzen
00:00 / 10:58
Breath focus meditationKatherine Jantzen
00:00 / 09:24
Loving kindness meditationKatherine Jantzen
00:00 / 09:10
Realising your self-worthEmily Young & Katherine Jantzen
00:00 / 07:40