Zoom link will be sent out in your booking email. 

Classes are recorded and available for 1 week - so if you book and commitments change, you can catch up later.

TUESDAY 7.00PM - 8.00pm EVENING Flow
A fluid, gentle vinyasa practise with less heat building than day time classes, interspersed with longer holds to release daily tensions and simple guided meditation to aid winding down for sleep....



every other Sunday 9.15am - 10.00am 

We will take a gentle floor based mobilisation/morning stretch, followed by pranayama (breathing exercises) and breath focused guided meditation.  

Breathwork can reduce anxiety, improve fitness and stamina, and support balance of the whole nervous system. 

Morning Mist over Forest


One to one sessions work well online, and are a really useful time to focus on your individual needs.  Whether you are struggling with injuries/health conditions, want to work on particular areas of the body, breath work, or deepen understanding of philosophies entwined within the whole art and science of yoga.

£45ph online ... £50ph in your garden

Individual and small group sessions available in your garden, or 'open indoor' spaces - max 6 participants.

£60 in your garden

(extra travel charge of £5)

email me to book

Restorative Yoga (60mins)

DATES coming soon...

Restorative yoga is a practise which enables the release of deeper layers of tension in body & mind.  We cultivate a deep sense of relaxation whilst staying fully present and alert - a deliberate rest through which we may rediscover the perfect, unchanging core of ourselves.  Just being....